Plogue Chipspeech

Chipspeech is a vintage-styled speech synthesizer by Plogue which recreates the sound of famous 80′s voice synthesis chips. It features 7 different voices, each with its own characteristic timbre. It is specially tailored for musical needs — simply type in your lyrics, and then play on MIDI keyboard.

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To celebrate the launch of Chipspeech, Plogue and Toy Company released a free compilation album titled chipspeech AUTOMATE SONGS .01. The album also features tracks by coda, C-jeff as well as MadBrain, who is one of the plugin developers as well as one of the artists on SOUNDSHOCK: FM FUNK MADDNESS!!.

C-jeff - Round and Round (feat. Raz Ben Ari)

coda - Fresh, Never Frozen

MadBrain - Quand je vais à l'épicerie

MadBrain - One Day It Will Be Alright