Noisechan & Nugget: Adventures in Chiptunes to be released on April 11th

We're proud to present for you a new upcoming compilation album, directed by our friends at Noise Channel Radio — "Noisechan & Nugget: Adventures in Chiptunes".

(Thx Rekcahdam for promo video!)

Nugget’s 5th birthday is April 13th and he has been working very hard to procure the best chiptune artists around for a Noise Channel chiptune compilation album! After many months of working on it, it’s finally ready for the public.

On April 11th, "Noisechan & Nugget: Adventures in Chiptunes" will be released on Ubiktune. It will be made available on Bandcamp as "pay what you want". However, all money (minus the generously discounted 10% fee for Bandcamp) will go directly to the Child’s Play Charity.

To celebrate, TrueStar will be hosting a pre-release party for the album (go here to find out when this event is happening in your part of the world). In typical Noise Channel tradition, the listeners will get to listen to the album before it goes on sale. There is a very likely chance that many artists from the album will be in the chat and talking with the listeners!

The artists names are TOP SECRET, and you won’t know until the album’s release, unless you’re really clever! So, we offer you to play a game. Here are the first two anagram clues to the artist and track names on the album:

1. Henchman Novelties Tire – Armed Moneys Volts (first part is the artist and track name, second part is the alternate track name)

2. Rams Jet Qi Mop

Let us know your answers and join the Facebook event to keep up to date on artist clues.

(Art by Kabakism)