Release ID:
Release date:
March 11th, 2016
Duration time:
54 mins

Danimal Cannon is back! Three years passed since the release of Parallel Processing, a collaboration album with Zef, and now we are ready to unveil his new album titled Lunaria.

With this project, Danimal finally reveals his approach on chiptune and guitar combined in full force, something that many could have seen in his live performances, but very rarely on the record. This take on his sound with a strong treatment of progressive music elements definitely puts Lunaria one step ahead.

Read more about Lunaria in our blog.


All tracks composed, produced, mixed and mastered:
Dan Behrens
Vocals (2, 11):
Emily Yancey
Piano (12):
Samuel Ascher-Weiss
Minerva Mopsy

Track listing

  1. Axis (06:37)
  2. Lunaria (feat. Emily Yancey) (04:43)
  3. Long Live The New Fresh (04:26)
  4. Collision Event (05:53)
  5. Behemoth (03:38)
  6. Interlude (01:12)
  7. Red Planet (06:31)
  8. Surveillance (04:56)
  9. Halo of Dust (03:26)
  10. Coalesce (05:24)
  11. Postlude (feat. Emily Yancey) (01:46)
  12. Axis (piano version feat. Shnabubula) (06:18)



Overall this is a wonderful album with lots to offer to fans of any kind of music. Chiptune may seem like a niche genre that only video game nerds can get into, but when paired with the expert instrumentality and composition that Danimal provides, the result is something definitely worth your time.