Release ID:
Release date:
September 27th, 2014
Duration time:
29m 7s

Zackery Wilson’s SNESQUE is the marriage of Super Nintendo soundfonts (i.e. collections of samples from original Super Nintendo video games) and modern-day audio production (i.e. EQ, delay, reverb, filters, etc.). For each original track, Zack adhered strictly to self imposed limitations: each was created using only one soundfont (exclusive to each respective game), again, only taking liberties with audio production and some creative sample manipulation (i.e. pitch-shifting, time-stretching, etc.); the structure of each track limited to roughly a minute’s worth of music, looping once (in the tradition of standard video game “level” music) before fading out.

From progressive rock to jazz fusion, samba to swing, SNESQUE is a hodgepodge of musical styles, connected by the nostalgic sound of Super Nintendo video games and the familiarity of present-day audio production techniques.


All tracks written, arranged, and produced:
Zackery Wilson
Track 12 co-written:
Jay Wilson
Corey Marquart

Track listing

  1. RIGHT Off the Bat(tle) [Final Fantasy IV] (02:20)
  2. Out of LEFT Field [Final Fantasy VI] (02:12)
  3. Suck 'R Punch [Kirby's Dream Land 3] (02:26)
  4. SELECT Tech Samba [Chrono Trigger] (02:30)
  5. EarthBound and DOWN [EarthBound] (02:24)
  6. Snowball's Chance in 'L [Breath of Fire II] (02:40)
  7. Beat 'em UP Boogie [Final Fight] (02:08)
  8. Have A Nice Flight [Pilotwings] (02:40)
  9. B-Baby Swing [Super Mario World 2 - Yoshi's Island] (02:24)
  10. SaGa Be STARTin' Somethin' [Romancing SaGa] (02:25)
  11. Y So Secretive? [Secret of Mana] (02:52)
  12. Player 2 & Zackery Wilson - Sector X Gon’ Give It to Ya [Star Fox] (02:06)