Blitz Lunar


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Release date:
June 6th, 2013
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Written, arranged & produced by Dave Harris, 2012~2013

Cover artwork by Daniel Garrido (ui.)

Created with Logic 5, except for Track 7 (Renoise)
Sounds from FamiTracker, PLG100DX, MU100, NES VST, FM7, miscellaneous samples, soundfonts, etc.
An alternate version of Track 5 originally appeared on "Noisechan & Nugget: Adventures in Chiptunes". Included on Triptunes with kind permission of Kristina Kaufman.



Inspired by his passion for and taste in video game soundtracks, Dave's debut "Triptunes" is a marriage of NES/Famicom chiptunes and audio production, particularly celebrating time-honoured FM and retro sounds. He invites you on an expedition through colourful harmonies, vibrant rhythms and shimmering crystalline veneer, playing with themes of surprise, joy, wonder, peace, and a spiritual twist for those who look beyond the mask...

"Thanks to everyone who has supported me during the production of Triptunes! Extra special thanks to my family, Tom Armstrong, Samuel Ascher-Weiss, Dmitry Zhemkov & Ubiktune, Kristina Kaufman of and Stefan Lindberg for their generosity, help and support."

— Dave

Track listing

  1. You Time (01:58)
  2. You Show (01:54)
    ☆ \( ^ヮ゚) ☆
  3. You Universe (02:32)
    ☆+・。*゚・.((◕ o ◕)).・゚*。・+☆
  4. Bedroom Superstar (03:33)
    d(^ω^)b ♪♫
  5. Hidden Heaven (04:07)
  6. Comfort Zone (04:30)
  7. Child Play Zone (04:09)
    ( ・∀・)つ★
  8. Holiday (02:46)
    ☨八(.°. )
  9. Your Royal Highness (05:09)
    ( ^◡◡^)/¯orz
  10. Ego Bubble Zone (02:14)
    ( ´_ゝ`)
  11. Prisoner (0:58)
  12. Cosmic Joke (5:08)
  13. Honest Truth Zone (2:59)
    m(_ _)m
  14. Not Big, Not Clever (2:22)