The Frequency Modulators Orchestra, Vol. 1

Amplitude Problem


Label catalogue:
Release date:
April 25th, 2017
Duration time:
32m 33s


Composition, writing, mixing: Juan Irming (Amplitude Problem)
Mastering engineer: Don Grossinger
Album art: Tommy Hutcherson (Mythical Vigilante)
Additional art: Valenberg

A retro-electro-jazz concept album consisting of songs created exclusively using FM synthesizers and lo-fi drums. An exploration of the degree to which cold, digital synthesis can be transformed into the warm, human grooves and nuanced, improvised language we expect from the great art of jazz. A zany chiptune adventure down the pixelated rabbit hole. The synth-funk soundtrack to your brain.

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Track listing

  1. If I had a Band (We'd Tour the World) (04:52)
  2. Ghosts in My Medicine Cabinet (03:58)
  3. This Mutant Mind of Mine (05:20)
  4. Keep Up with Me (04:51)
  5. It's a Game (04:30)
  6. It's Nothing (04:49)
  7. It's Everything (04:14)