Introducing: SOUNDSHOCK 3

SOUNDSHOCK is back to conclude the FM FUNK trilogy. FM FUNK NIRVANA!! brings you 16 new tracks by 19 uniquely talented musicians, from four different continents, using an arsenal of 17 different hardware and software FM synthesizers.

Although this release marks the end of the series, our hope is that we’ve inspired listeners and musicians enough to carry our message further, and to keep reinventing FM funk for decades to come! "That is", in the words of Tsuyoshi Shimokura, "not a sad thing." No indeed; rather, we believe this calls for celebration: let’s get it started!

Behind NIRVANA and beyond

SOUNDSHOCK 3: FM FUNK NIRVANA!! album art by Tsuyoshi Shimokura

SOUNDSHOCK came a long way before to become the series it is now. Back in 2010, the creative mind of zinger and the united forces of Ubiktune started something that happened to be more, than just a new compilation album.

Please welcome, zinger!


C-jeff approached me back in 2010, I think, about making a solo album for Ubiktune. I was very happy about that, but I remember telling him that there was something else that I’d like to do even more, and that’s when I started working on the SOUNDSHOCK album project.

As for how the actual idea initially arose, I guess it all goes back to playing games such as Golden Axe II and Sonic the Hedgehog on my Mega Drive as a kid. That is what eventually led me to my involvement in the tracker/demo/chip music scene (both as a composer and organizer), and soon enough I started filling my bedroom (to my mother’s discontent) with heaps of obscure Japanese computer games, arcade cabinets, hardware FM synthesizers, and so on. For something like 15 years now I have been completely obsessed with computer and video game aesthetics, and exploring the very depths of those worlds has given me a sense of inspiration and excitement that just doesn’t seem to ever wane. So, for me personally, the SOUNDSHOCK series has been a means of exploring, expanding and cultivating that realm even further.

Looking back, I’m immensely thankful to have been able to work with this series, not only because of all the new great music, but also because at least to me, SOUNDSHOCK also means a sense of community among people with similar passions. When first meeting people like Ryu Takami and hex125 (about ten years ago when I hadn’t learned the Japanese language yet), the only way we could communicate, basically, was by name-dropping composers and titles of our favourite games, and I have this very fond memory of how our faces almost literally lit up from the satisfaction of having so much in common, despite such niche interests.

Similarly, I was amazed to learn how much hally knew about the demoscene, and that people like Keishi Yonao had fantasized about Western computer culture in much the same way as I had about NEC or Sharp computers, not to mention game centers in Japan. Having been just as enamored of the demoscene as of the realm of Japanese video games, I’ve always wanted to bring those worlds closer together, and wow! — it just makes me so happy to see people like shogun and Utabi on the same track list as, say, zabutom and Metal! Clearly, they belong together — don't you think?

So: thank you, from the bottom of my heart, Tsuyoshi Shimokura, Megus, Rufus Blacklock, MmcM, and of course all the composers for making this series so awesome; your work has far exceeded any expectations I have had, and has really given me an endless amount joy!

SPECIAL THANKS goes, of course, to C-jeff — not only for supporting and contributing immensely to the project, but also for creating what I consider the world’s best chiptune label. And also, to hally, for being a huge source of inspiration in all things related to chiptune and video games, as well as introducing me to the Japanese chiptune and games community. SOUNDSHOCK would not have been possible without you people!

That's it for now. I hope you all enjoy SOUNDSHOCK 3: FM FUNK NIRVANA!! as much as I do!

The release

FM FUNK NIRVANA!! is currently available on Bandcamp and SoundCloud, and further will be on all major shop and streaming services.