Label catalogue:
Release date:
January 7th, 2017
Duration time:
1:08:20 min


Project Director:
Isak Halling
Assistant Director:
Dmitry Zhemkov
Mastering Engineer:
Sergey Kosov
Tsuyoshi Shimokura

Tracks 1 and 15 are mixed by Sergey Kosov. All other tracks are mixed by their respective artists.

SOUNDSHOCK is back to conclude the FM FUNK trilogy. FM FUNK NIRVANA!! brings you 16 new tracks by 19 uniquely talented musicians, from four different continents, using an arsenal of 17 different hardware and software FM synthesizers.

Although this release marks the end of the series, our hope is that we’ve inspired listeners and musicians enough to carry our message further, and to keep reinventing FM funk for decades to come! "That is", in the words of Tsuyoshi Shimokura, "not a sad thing." No indeed; rather, we believe this calls for celebration: let’s get it started!

Track listing

  1. Keishi Yonao - Modulationarism (4:57) Gear: FMP7
  2. zabutom - virtual adventures (4:44) Gear: Nord Micro Modular, Ableton Operator, VOPM
  3. linde - Pigeons Rule (2:36) Gear: VGM Music Maker
  4. Extent of the Jam - Hollow Summer (5:00) Gear: AdLib, VOPM
  5. tenfour - CAVE BOUNCER (3:03) Gear: FM8
  6. Chimeratio - Escape From the Lab (4:20) Gear: DX10, OPL3
  7. ahlnold - uchuu rider (2:53) Gear: TX7, TX81Z
  8. Shnabubula - Zithro to the Max (5:45) Gear: FMDrive, Octopus
  9. Simon Stålenhag - The Lacustrine Beat Machine (4:14) Gear: FM7
  10. stinkbug - taiga (3:33) Gear: FM8
  11. cTrix - Bass Driven (5:06) Gear: Sega Genesis
  12. naruto, Aya Futatsuki & BouKiCHi - Modulation to Move the Mind (4:39) Gear: VOPM, VST2413
  13. zinger & Lunchquake - Shuffle On (3:42) Gear: FM8, VOPM
  14. Ryu Takami - Q.C.T.L. (4:14) Gear: FM8
  15. Bomb Boy - Cascade Cave Zone, Act 1 and 2 (5:43) Gear: PX7, Thor
  16. bacter - missed (3:55) Gear: FM8

Track listing

1 Modulationarism
Total duration


It’s undeniable how high the ‘SOUNDSHOCK’ Series put the bar for almost everyone, bringing together legends of the chip music (like coda, Shnabubula, Joshua Morse, the always awesome Bomb Boy, cTrix, Kulor, Blitz Lunar, and many, many more), leaving a reference for anyone in and around the scene. They did what they had to do, what it was necessary to do – now it falls to someone else to once again raise the bar, and I can’t wait to see the result!