Chip music veteran zabutom’s new album Redux34 takes his trademark chip wizardry and incorporates it into a wildly creative blend of electro, prog rock, IDM and folk-inspired compositions — all with excellent production and complex soundscapes that seamlessly blend 8-bit Nintendo bleeps with electric guitars, analog synths and spaced out delay textures.

Redux34 conjures up a retro-futuristic vision of strange new worlds and tells of a mysterious, somewhat melancholic yet hopeful story.

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  1. Initiate (07:52)
  2. Jasmin White (02:51)
  3. Noor (05:49)
  4. Resist/Exist (04:02)
  5. Escape (05:09)
  6. Cutting It Close (02:52)
  7. Faktoid (05:16)
  8. Redux34 (05:33)

All tracks written, arranged and produced by zabutom
Christopher Leary - Mastering
Anders Karlsson - Album and promotional art



Catalog: UBI088
Release date: September 18th, 2015
Duration: 38:58