This album of Game Boy tunes aims for a uniquely illustrative approach to chipmusic, resulting in a sound that is lush, nuanced and full of vitality.

"Various Topics" consists of several all-new tracks from bryface, as well as remastered and/or expanded versions of selected previously-released songs.

Each song varies wildly in style and theme, but expect a few elements to be shared in common: chunky, intricate grooves. Meticulous sound design. Lyrical melodies that evoke a decidedly old-school demostyle flair. Stunning washboard abs. But more importantly, this album hopes to take you beyond the technical details into less tangible emotional territory — into the peculiar, the saccharine, the oddball, and just maybe, the surprisingly profound.

Talk and read more about the making of Various Topics here:

  1. shifting platforms (03:21)
  2. rich bastard groove (06:02)
  3. talk of the town (05:18)
  4. seaport (03:21)
  5. portsea (05:58)
  6. disk 3 of 977 (05:22)
  7. BRAINS. and scotch (02:31)
  8. turning point (02:15)
  9. the tuvan ascendancy (07:23)
  10. multicolour (04:47)



Catalog: UBI070
Release date: September 19th, 2013
Duration: 46:17