Quite Operational


As Monomer's first ever full release, "Quite Operational" comes from a fascination with the sound and aesthetic of 80s electronic music and science fiction, combined with a healthy love of chipmusic and old video game sounds. The 8 track album took about 7 months of hard work by nights and weekends. With "Quite Operational", Gavin opens up new soundscapes with a symbiosis between chipmusic and synthesizers, while still keeping that Monomer brand sound.

  1. Quite Operational 03:30
  2. Temple 03:57
  3. Better Living Through Dysgenics 04:17
  4. The Glow And The Gleam 03:59
  5. Night Drive 04:23
  6. Deletion 03:36
  7. On The Brink 04:31
  8. Discontinue 03:29

All tracks are written and produced by Gavin Allen.

Album art by Pete Calabria



Catalog: UBI064
Release date: April 18th, 2013
Duration: 31:42


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