"Is the chiptune inspired, jazzfunk gimmick old yet? Evidently not because here’s BLUESHIFT, the thrilling 10(+3) track conclusion to the BLUE trilogy! In this outing expect big band, 80’s synth funk and saccharine chip-pop!

I’d like to give a shoutout to Marianne Thompson, Alissa Thompson, Liam Charalambous, Dmitry Zhemkov and Luke Atkin for helping me get this thing together"


  1. [Introduction] You're Listening to BLUESHIFT.
  2. This is BLUESHIFT.
  4. Here's One I Made Earlier...
  5. Keyboard Demo Attack!
  6. New York Cheesecake.
  7. [Intermission] Icecream is Now Available from the Foyer.
  8. Are You Gunna Eat That?
  9. Hotline Coldcall.
  10. Oh I Feel Just Fine...(Because I'm Making Macaroni)
  11. Magnetic Jellyfish Dance Party.
  12. [Sign-Off] You Have Been Listening to PROTODOME.
  13. [BONUS] Four Color Hero. [Arduinoboy & Kaossilator REMIX]

Written and produced by Blake Troise (aka PROTODOME)

Tracks 6 & 10 vocal performance by Alissa Thompson
Tracks 1, 7 & 12 vocal performance by Marianne Thompson

Artwork illustration by Marianne "Mayan" Thompson.

Artwork format and design by Blake Troise (aka PROTODOME).



Catalog: UBI056
Release date: December 25th, 2012
Duration: 22:56

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