Exit Plan


Exit Plan can be seen as a sequel to Motorway. While Motorway was an album about leaving home, Exit Plan is an album about finding yourself.

  1. This Room (05:05)
  2. Staying Afloat (feat. Danimal Cannon) (03:11)
  3. Drowning in Sleep (05:09)
  4. Don't Go Outside (04:48)
  5. Star Dance (04:30)
  6. It Was at That Point I Realised (04:05)
  7. Dreamscaping (05:01)
  8. Handsome Guy (03:43)
  9. The Fairies Will Come Out in Spring (02:11)
  10. Exit Plan (05:40)
  11. Don't Leave Me Out Here In The Dark (03:58)

All music composed by Fearofdark (Stephen Hemstritch-Johnston) except:
Guitars on Track 2 by Danimal Cannon
Mastering by MmcM
Artwork by Taylor Crisdale



Catalog: UBI092
Release date: July 22nd, 2017
Duration: 47:21