About Ubiktune

Ubiktune is chiptune and video game music related netlabel. We started in 2006 focusing on music made on ZX Spectrum computer, but the borders were expanded with time. Current direction of the label is music based on progressive, jazz, fusion and funk elements.

Ubiktune got its name from Philip K. Dick's science fiction novel called "Ubik".


Dmitry Zhemkov / C-jeff

Roman Petrov / Megus

Vyacheslav Kalinin / Newart

SanderFocus - visual art

Contact us

Feel free to mail us by with questions, feedbacks or your demo submissions. We speak English and Russian.

Hosting information

Hosting provided by Mercurius. Download services by micksam7.

Many thanks for Simon Kissel aka scamp, who gave us home on services until 2011.