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May 1st, 2011
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"It’s a 10 dollar album with a 1000 dollar sound, with surasshu and coda not only creating a tribute that is worthy of the talents of Ryu Umemoto, but comes closely to being as good as his works. It goes all the way back to the roots, and manages to find its place perfectly along with the soundtracks of the era that has sadly passed by. For fans of PC-98 sound, the album is a must have. For potential newcomers, it is the perfect gateway into the vast land of Eroge music."Original Sound Version

We are two Western composers, who have taken a great deal of inspiration from Japanese pop and game music. When we heard the music for eroge on the PC-98 in the 90s (particularly "Kono Yo no Hate de Koi wo Utau Shoujo YU-NO" by Ryu Shimada and Ryu Umemoto), we were amazed by the sound quality of the songs and their catchy and sophisticated style.

Because this music doesn't get much attention in the west, we decided we should make a tribute album to this sort of music. We asked Swedish artist Diana Jakobsson to draw us characters and American pixel artist Jordan Chewning to provide us with authentic PC-98 style cover art. We hope you enjoy it!

Track listing

  1. オープニング ~ 古木 / Opening: Ancient Tree (3:02)
  2. 学校初日 / First Day of School (2:23)
  3. おはよう / Good Morning (2:54)
  4. スケジュール / My Schedule (2:23)
  5. アイセリアの過去 / Aiselia's Past (3:44)
  6. 茉莉子 / Mariko (3:35)
  7. 迷い / Hesitation (2:59)
  8. 千枝 / Chie (3:59)
  9. 悪霊 / Evil Spirit (3:17)
  10. 思い出 / Memory (1 & 2) (3:20)
  11. 杏子 / Kyoko (2:38)
  12. 愛のテーマ / Making Love (2:04)
  13. エンディング ~ スルー・ザ・アトモスフィア /
    Ending: Through the Atmosphere