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March 1st, 2012
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FX4 is a concept album set in the oceans and skies. Its story immediately precedes that of FX3, where a young boy trapped between warring nations stumbles through a time rift and discovers a terrible conspiracy which spans generations! He finds safety in the warm embrace of a tall, handsome vampire who helps him return home and shows him how to love again. But is there anything left of his own world?

Unlike the previous albums, which were written as "soundalikes" using sampled chip sounds, FX4 consists of machine code that can run on a real NES system.

"This album is for my brand new friend, Xander Pasquale Payongayong Napolitano, and his proud parents Jayson and Ann. May you have a long, happy life filled with all sorts of music and magic" — Jake Kaufman.


All tracks written, arranged, and produced:
Jake Kaufman
Jake Kaufman

Track listing

  1. HBO Feature Presentation (0:26)
  2. Incident Zero (5:48)
  3. Below the Waves (5:07)
  4. Journey into the Rift (5:32)
  5. Weapon (5:55)
  6. Reconstruct (4:18)
  7. First Flight (5:36)
  8. Singularity (5:14)
  9. The Time Vampire (4:54)
  10. Undone (6:03)