Preschtale Variations



Label catalogue:
Release date:
January 1st, 2013
Duration time:


Project Director:
Dmitry Zhemkov
Mastering Engineer:
Roman Petrov
Artwork, Trailer Animation:
Rufus Blacklock

It's been a year since Seajeff's Preschtale was released, and today we present to you a new part of the story, Preschtale Variations.

The album consists of 16 songs and features performances and covers based on the original album. Over one hour in length, Variations includes a long list of genres and sounds, from chiptune and electronic renditions to metal and acoustic pieces.

"Variations started as an experimental project, which lasted nearly a year of creation, passing through different twists and turns. But now, it is complete. It was a great pleasure to work with such an amazing group of musicians, who helped me to bring this dream to life. I thank you all!" — Seajeff.

Track listing

  1. Jay Tholen - Skyward Revelation (Preschtale, Parts 3-5-7)
  2. Zackery Wilson - Inner Force (Preschtale, Part 2)
  3. coda - An Extraterrestrial (Preschtale, Part 6)
  4. Stemage - Purple (Preschtale, Part 2)
  5. Pongball - SNEStale (Preschtale, Parts 2-4-5)
  6. Fearofdark - Fresh Tale (Preschtale, Part 3)
  7. subPixel - Fire Witch - The Silence (Preschtale, Part 6)
  8. PROTODOME - Emergency on Planet Mars (Preschtale, Part 4)
  9. Monomer - Danger Zone (Preschtale, Part 2)
  10. surasshu - True North (Preschtale, Part 3)
  11. Aivi Tran - The Girl in the Nebula (Preschtale, Part 5)
  12. El Mobo - Doppelbanger (Preschtale, Part 6)
  13. Yoann Turpin - Preschlude Kadenz (Preschtale, Part 4)
  14. Maxo - Shining Faith (Preschtale, Part 7)
  15. Shnabubula & Gabe Terracciano - Quinine (Preschtale, Part 3)
  16. C-jeff - Preschtale, Epilogue (feat. Aivi Tran)