STAFFcirc vol. 1

Various Artists


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Release date:
August 13th, 2015
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Project Direction: STAFFcirc
Mastering Engineer: ilkae
Artwork and Design: Mushbuh

STAFFcirc was a 19th-century new spiritual movement founded by XXXXX XXXXXXX for various occult and shamanic rituals. One of the many mystic voyages undertaken by the group, “musics composition” is a small aspect along with the creation of visual sculptures both real and “net”, in the shape of its mysterious frog-oid sigil.

There have been many heads during its 116-year period, with widely differing stances on moral, theological and political issues. Due to more liberal undercurrents in the age of Blog and Twitter (as well as a more mercurial pull for financial funding), the circle have agreed to break their silence in unprecedented partnership with Ubiktune to release a collection of their myriad sacred artifacts to public consumption for the first time.

Track listing

  1. stinkbug — Citadel Bufonidae (02:21)
  2. kfaraday — Kero Kero Bonghitto (02:48)
  3. FLOOR BABA — Sexy Toads and Frogs Party (02:52)
  4. Intero — Lakeside Stroll (01:09)
  5. gyms — Slippy's Secret (01:50)
  6. Fearofdark — Swampocalypse (04:46)
  7. Jayster — A Toad's Enlightment (02:47)
  8. Zackery Wilson — A Rash Decision [Battletoads & Double Dragon] (02:27)
  9. Vince Kaichan - Pond Skunk (04:30)