Band Saga LP



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June 19th, 2014
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Band Saga LP tells the story of a boy with a dream of starting a band with his friends when things take a turn for the worst. A mysterious girl is the only one who knows why thugs, aliens and life itself seem to be out to kill him. Will he survive the new hardships laid before him and fulfill his dream?

Band Saga LP features Stemage, Laura Shigihara, Mega Ran, Danimal Cannon, Disasterpeace, BR1GHT PR1MATE, MisfitChris, Chelsea Davis, Jeff Ball and Martina Chevalier.

Band Saga LP also includes a full 22 page 173 panel comic, illustrated by Gina Chacón.

Track listing

  1. Prelude To Delirium (02:29)
  2. New Game (ft. Disasterpeace) (04:03)
  3. Well Momma (ft. MegaRan & Bright Primate) (03:40)
  4. The Sun, The Moon and The Earth (ft. Stemage & Aivi Tran) (02:35)
  5. Catch That Girl, She Stole My Heart! (03:15)
  6. Rekcahdam 2.0 (00:45)
  7. Thinkin' Bout A Crush (ft. Laura Shigihara & Jeff Ball) (02:22)
  8. Such A Vagabond (02:14)
  9. Self Modifying Code (ft. Stemage) (03:40)
  10. Out Of This World (ft. Chelsea Davis & Danimal Cannon) (02:24)
  11. Dreaming' (A Back Pack Story) (ft. Martina Chevalier & Misfit Chris) (02:18)
  12. Ode To A Revelation (01:30)
  13. Astral Projection...Is Real (02:52)