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October 21st, 2012
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"This is a compilation of various tunes I wrote between 2008 and now, most of which used to be on 8bitcollective (RIP). Every track is playable on actual hardware, with minimal post-processing and no external effects.

Tools used: Famitracker for NES, LSDJ for Gameboy, MOD2PSG2 for Sega Master System/Game Gear, Raster Atari Tracker for Atari Pokey, Paul Slocum's Atari 2600 Music Kit, GoatTracker for Commodore 64, FM-Kingtracker for OPL3 and Anvil Studio, Sony Acid Pro 7.0 and Audacity for DX-7 rendering and track layering.

Shoutout to: lunar, jrlepage, heosphoros, rushjet1, an_cat, miau, willow, nys, shnabubula, coda, reduz, \, xaimus, skitch, kattywampus, b00daw for engaging people (like me) in 2600 music, 4mat and zabutom for helping me figure out the C64, mint for being better than he thinks he is, C-jeff for Ubiktune, Rufus for the awesome artwork, Megus for mastering and especially virt for suggesting the idea. Ironchew, Miga, Yustin, Soda, Stabs, Ashurei and the rest of notwlm. This is not Soundchip Salad.

Frothing hatred to: Jose for letting it die, Atari Teenage Riot for Blood In My Eyes"

— Kulor.


All music by Kulor (Richard Armijo)

Artwork by Rufus Blacklock

Mastering by Megus

Track listing

  1. My First LSDJ (2:13)
    Gameboy MGB
  2. Butterscotch Drops of Lime (2:15)
    NES VRC6 + 2A03 Noise/DPCM
  3. Boyfriend and Girlfriend (3:27)
    NES 2A03 + MMC5
  4. Tim Follin Tries Curried Eggs (3:32)
    NES 2A03
  5. Thiefarly Slumlabor (2:45)
    NES 2A03
  6. Space Disko (2:26)
    NES 2A03
  7. Pachelbel's Pirate Ship (1:59)
    NES 2A03 + FDS
  8. Nintendo Entertainment Samba (2:30)
    Sega Game Gear
  9. Snofer's Infiltration Mission (2:18)
    Sega Master System PSG
  10. Lobbyists (1:40)
    Atari 2600 TIA
  11. Electric Starbounce (2:45)
    Commodore 64 6581 SID
  12. Elementary School Supernova (1:48)
    Atari 800 Pokey
  13. Random Encounter (3:08)
    Atari 800 Pokey
  14. Madness Sky Falling Etc. (2:35)
    Atari 800 Pokey
  15. Cruisin' Mah '95 Pimpmobile (2:31)
    Adlib OPL3
  16. I'm No Cyberhero (2:38)
    Adlib OPL3