The Lighthouse



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Release date:
October 12th, 2014
Duration time:
58m 1s

Far west, where the trees have yielded to the howling wind, where the land meets the vast ocean and the scent of seawater thickens the air, you will find it. For hundreds of years the Lighthouse has guided seafarers far from home around the rocky shore, not even once failing its duty. Neither the thickest of fogs nor the blackest of nights are enough to lure the ships towards the treacherous reef.

Waves larger than giants ceaselessly break upon on the rugged brickwork and the raging winds always come back for another battle, but the Lighthouse never succumbs to the wrath of the storms. When the clash between the massive masonry and mighty tempest has settled down, the birds come out to play within the crimson sky. Eternally, like a pillar of fire, even when the air is crystal clear and the waters transform into an endless mirror, the Lighthouse keeps on aiding those in need of guidance.


Mads Aasvik - production, writing
Stein Bratland and Mads Aasvik - mixing, mastering (Skansen Lydstudio)
Nikolai Lockertsen - artwork

Track listing

  1. Lighthouse Overture (06:02)
  2. Lighthouse pt. I: The Waves (09:34)
  3. Lighthouse pt. II: The Storm (08:02)
  4. Lighthouse pt. III: The Birds (01:05)
  5. Lighthouse pt. IV: The Reef (12:12)
  6. Lighthouse pt. V: The Sunrise (2:16)
  7. Lighthouse pt. VI: The Ships (5:54)
  8. Lighthouse pt. VII: The Light (11:03)
  9. Lighthouse pt. VIII: The Sunset (1:53)