Seven Journeys to a New Home



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Release date:
June 20th, 2013
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Bandcamp ($5)
(a bonus track and the original 4096px artwork are included)

Seven Journeys to a New Home is Kartmaze's debut album as a chiptune artist. It contains of seven chiptunes inspired by progressive rock and -metal bands such as Dream Theater, Rush, Tool and lots of other great prog bands.

A very special thanks to:

Family and friends who have been supporting me and my music over the years; Henrik who challenged me to make my first chiptune; my former bandmates Ragnar, Geir Marius, Osmund and Arve for being the reason to create a lot of the material in the first place; Nick and his great patience; C-Jeff for inviting and welcoming me into the Ubiktune family; the Chipmusic Heroes crew for being awesome and supportive; and last, but not least, my cousin Nikko and his amazing artwork.

Software and gear used:
- Cockos Reaper
- Plogue Chipsounds
- LTD MH-1000NT Deluxe (track 7 only)
- Boss GT-10 (track 7 only)
- Additional bonus track plugins: LennarDigital Sylenth1 and Sound Magic Piano One.


Written, arranged and produced by Mads Aasvik (aka Kartmaze)
Mixed by Nick Dawes at E-Mixing Studio
Bonus track mixed by Mads Aasvik
Mastered by Tommy Sevart (
Artwork by Nikolai Lockertsen (

Track listing

  1. Brownout (08:04)
  2. Dr. Wolf's Secret Laboratory (05:36)
  3. Agravaine's Legacy (09:44)
  4. Jetpack Ride (02:51)
  5. Exoskeletor (09:38)
  6. The Rise of Zeus (08:41)
  7. Nothing Remains the Same (07:10)