Tiny Barbarian DX: The Serpent Lord OST

Jeff Ball


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Release date:
June 18th, 2013
Duration time:


Composed by Jeff Ball

Artwork by Reckless Eyeballs

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Jeff Ball has been working freelance as a violinist and video game music/audio specialist since 2008, with credits ranging from indie to AAA titles.

Tiny Barbarian DX is a 2D platform action game inspired by Sword & Sorcery fiction like Conan the Barbarian. Jeff's soundtrack is a mixture of the music styles of Castlevania with Megaman, capturing the nostalgia of the NES era with strong melodies. If you're looking for a chiptune workout album, this is it.

Track listing

  1. TBDX Title Screen (01:08)
  2. Maverick (03:56)
  3. Break Down the Walls (02:57)
  4. Riding Cats like a Boss (02:51)
  5. Bat Navigator (03:00)
  6. Bomb n' Bass (02:30)
  7. Rebirth (02:35)
  8. Haters Gonna Hate (03:38)
  9. Kinda Creepy (03:06)
  10. Battle for the Sacrificial Babe (03:01)
  11. Put Your Pecs Into It (03:01)
  12. Muscular Sunsets (01:35)
  13. Workout Montage (02:05)