Control Me

Jay Tholen


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November 1st, 2010
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"This one is free, so you have nothing to lose by listening (except, again, your patience if you get easily miffed by religious talk). There are piles of great chiptunes albums out there, I’ll be the first to acknowledge that. But we want to give special attention to this one precisely because of how different it really is."  — Original Sound Version

"If progressive music is defined as music that lays aside conventions and blends musical styles in new and fresh ways, then Jay Tholen’s album Control Me is as progressive as it gets. While the music is impossible to compare, imagine taking Daevid Allen era Gong and blending it with Danielson Family and the theme from an early Nintendo Mario Brothers game."  — Spiritual Prog

At it's heart, Control Me is an honest expression of my love for the Gospel. Most of the compositions were conceived as humble little hymn-like ukulele tunes. Following my tradition of unnecessary embellishment; I layered the songs beyond recognition until they became what they are now: schizophrenic heaps of sound. Everything from Shoegaze to Prog Rock to Schmaltzy 50's Pop is emulated beneath layers of manipulated waveforms and vinyl samples.


Jay Tholen — Vocals, Samples, Acoustic and Electric Ukulele, Transistor Organ, Out of Tune Piano, Stylophone, Tasteful Humor, Flute, Pan Flute, Slide Whistle, Percussion, Electric Kazoo, Squeezebox, Field Recording, Kiddie Glock, Tracking and Sequencing, Mixing and Mastering
Christine Tholen — Vocals
Cory Taylor — Saxophone

"The Name of Jesus is Lifted High" from the song Altars was originally written by Eddie James

Track listing

  1. Time Transcendent (3:44)
  2. Altars (2:10)
  3. Hashivenu (3:11)
  4. I Know (2:31)
  5. Prayer (5:15)
  6. A Temple of the Holy Ghost (1:28)
  7. Control Me (3:24)
  8. Be Alright (1:43)
  9. Bleeding Over (2:41)
  10. Show the World (1:46)
  11. Eagle Feather, Falcon Claw (10:45)
  12. Curtains (3:56)