Clay Memory



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Release date:
July 23rd, 2015
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fluidvolt - composition, writing, mixing
Rufus Blacklock - artwork

We’re ready to open this year’s summer season with Clay Memory, a new album by fluidvolt, who debuted on Ubiktune with Reflections of a Dancing Leaf back in 2012.

Clay Memory shows the idea of wabi-sabi in a musical form, an organic sound with a temporary beauty of childlike, innocence and happy vibes. Music-wise, it is a combination of jazz, folk and pop, passed through the forms of impressionism and weirdness.

To create this album, fluidvolt has compiled and organized the soundfonts with over than 300 instruments, based on the sounds of a classic Game Boy Advance game Mother 3.

Track listing

  1. Shall We? (01:21)
  2. Faded Ink (02:56)
  3. Teapot (02:24)
  4. Meadow, Half Asleep (02:50)
  5. Doggy Goes Mu (02:25)
  6. Squeaky's Song (01:51)
  7. Focus, Okay? (03:03)
  8. Glass Among Fire (02:20)
  9. On Sense (01:11)
  10. Brush Strokes (03:45)
  11. Paper Flowers (03:14)
  12. Smiling Sigh (02:34)