Still Flying



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August 5th, 2002
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Still Flying is the first C-jeff's album. It was written during 2002 on a real ZX Spectrum in Pro Tracker 3 music editor. The album tagline is "lyric music novels".

About 1,5 years later it was also released as an executable ZX musicdisk. Coded by Vortex, graphics by Schafft and packed by Poisoned CyberJack.

"My Mind is Free" was originally written for CAFe 2002 demoparty and released as "My mind free" due to lack of language knowledge. It was included in the album right after the competition. "My Mind is Free" reached 13th place in ZX Spectrum AY Music compo.

"Lonely Soul" wasn't originally included in the album, but it was written during the same period of time and shares the style and direction as the rest of the album. It also participated in Paradox 2002 demoparty, where it took 2nd place in ZX Spectrum AY Music compo.


Schafft - artwork
MmcM - mastering
C-jeff - music

Track listing

  1. Single Notes (02:23)
  2. Still Flying (04:53)
  3. My Mind is Free (03:01)
  4. Anthology of Life (02:50)
  5. Angels Flying (02:06)
  6. Untouched Motive (02:16)
  7. Light World (01:48)
  8. Time Out (02:55)
  9. Amazonia (03:08)
  10. Lonely Soul (03:19)
  11. Night Vision (03:28)
  12. Miracle Activation (04:40)
  13. Post Scriptum (01:42)