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Release date:
March 3rd, 2013
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Composed and produced by Ario

Album art by Jason Baum

Mastering by Megus


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"Vurgon is an assembling of songs I've written in the past year or so that I feel are tied together in apparent and not-so-apparent ways. This makes it something of a fragmented timeline for my own compositional development. It's my first completed album, too. Six years ago, I started making music on a computer as a naive hobby, alongside my education and career as a visual artist. Today, composition is just as personally vital as drawing or painting, if not moreso — although I've preferred to stay quiet about it.

Like any creative work, Vurgon is also an aesthetic statement; but it's a statement that folds back into itself and can't really be written out. It is, in part, this wordlessness — this sensuous "irrationality" — that draws me to pure, instrumental music. What is more mysterious in art than the emotions, narratives, scenes, and everything else these non-denotative tones can invoke? Along such lines, each track title on the album is nonsense that somehow, for me, correlates with the song's character"

— Ario.

Vurgon is dedicated to Rei Harakami, who died July 27, 2011.

Track listing

  1. Vurgon (04:10)
  2. Glaustarr (02:26)
  3. Fallaloopavan (03:29)
  4. Terevigliar (03:11)
  5. Tuulu (02:40)
  6. Clankendrung (03:57)
  7. Mahanambulov (04:12)