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Release date:
March 8th, 2013
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All songs composed by Aivi Tran & Steven "surasshu" Velema,
except for tracks 3, 8, and 11
"Lonely Rolling Star" composed by Yoshihito Yano
"Distance" composed by Yoh Ohyama
"Mabe Village" composed by Kazumi Totaka, Minako Hamano, and Kozue Ishikawa

Artwork by Diana Jakobsson

aivi & surasshu

Aivi is an archaeologist with an adventurous heart. One day, during an excavation in tropical Ekstria, she finds a mysterious black box buried in the sand…

The Black Box is a collaboration between Aivi Tran (piano) and surasshu (chiptune). Bonded by their love of classic video game music and a fascination for fusing different styles, they set off on an adventure together.

All artwork is drawn by the amazing Diana Jakobsson. Her work combines influences from Belgian comics with American and Japanese, all mixed together with her own unique style.

Track listing

  1. Nucleus (01:21)
  2. Shapeshifter (05:19)
  3. Lonely Rolling Star (Missing You) (05:35)
  4. Diamond Dove (03:47)
  5. Here's How! (05:53)
  6. Mika (04:15)
  7. 38 (00:56)
  8. Distance (Bicycle Trip) (05:54)
  9. Pocket Universe (04:44)
  10. Exosphere (01:06)
  11. Mabe Village (Bonus Track) (02:41)