aivi & surasshu — The Black Box to be released this Friday

Today marks the reveal of the album surasshu and Aivi Tran have been working on for nearly a year! In this trailer we meet Aivi, an archaeologist with an adventurous heart. But what's that shadow to the left...?

"We really wanted to go all out on the art, using a Belgian comic aesthetic to tell a story related to the music. So we brought in Diana Jakobsson and she's been knocking it out of the park! She's going to post various updates throughout the week with art, and we'll be posting one more trailer before the release of the album on Ubiktune, this Friday" — Aivi Tran & surasshu.

Don't forget to tune in to Noise Channel on Arecibo Radio next Saturday for the listening party! Surasshu and Aivi will both be there!