Ubiktune Latest Newshttp://ubiktune.com/Latest news of Ubiktune net-label.en-usFirebelly Studios launches a Temporus Kickstarter, feat. music by C-jeffhttp://ubiktune.org/news/2014/firebelly-studios-launches-a-temporus-kickstarter-feat-music-by-c-jeffhttp://ubiktune.org/news/2014/firebelly-studios-launches-a-temporus-kickstarter-feat-music-by-c-jeff

The San Francisco Bay Area-based Firebelly Studios announces the launch of its Kickstarter campaign to fund Temporus, a 2D platformer and side-scrolling shooter for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The game focuses on the story of a society devastated by an unknown force. The mission is to search through the aftermath of rubble and debris for clues that might help you as you turn back time to set events right and prevent the elimination of your people.

Temporus is the debut work of Firebelly Studios on the indie game field, as well as C-jeff debut scoring an indie game. The soundtrack will feature a number of electronic progressive rock elements, cinematic turns as well as deep atmospheric ambience, permeated by an FM sonic palette. A number of tracks, written especially for Kickstarter, are available to stream via Soundcloud.

The project requires at least $20,000 is pledged by Mon, Jul 21 2014 and the team is looking for your support!

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Rekcahdam — Band Saga LPhttp://ubiktune.org/releases/ubi075-rekcahdam-band-saga-lphttp://ubiktune.org/releases/ubi075-rekcahdam-band-saga-lp

Rekcahdam (Roger Hicks) is a musician, hacker and game developer hybrid. He's best known for developing Celestial Mechanica and the web chiptune sequencer Pulse Boy.

Musically Rekcahdam is known for is proficiency with percussion instruments and has been seen drumming for many well known chip artists such as Disasterpeace, Virt and Chipocrite. Rekcahdam's love for music spans all genre's and styles and it shines through in his most recent project.

His brand new album Band Saga LP tells the story of a boy with a dream of starting a band with his friends when things take a turn for the worst. A mysterious girl is the only one who knows why thugs, aliens and life itself seem to be out to kill him. Will he survive the new hardships laid before him and fulfill his dream?

Band Saga LP features Stemage, Laura Shigihara, Mega Ran, Danimal Cannon, Disasterpeace, BR1GHT PR1MATE, MisfitChris, Chelsea Davis, Jeff Ball and Martina Chevalier.

Band Saga LP also includes a full 22 page 173 panel comic, illustrated by Gina Chacón.

Band Saga LP is more than just a music album...

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505 — Sturmwind Kondensat Soundtrackhttp://ubiktune.org/news/2014/505-sturmwind-kondensat-soundtrackhttp://ubiktune.org/news/2014/505-sturmwind-kondensat-soundtrack

We're happy to announce that Nils Feske aka 505, the author of Interlude, just released the soundtrack for the indie game Sturmwind. Sturmwind is a side-scrolling shooter released for the Sega Dreamcast console in 2013. The game was developed by Duranik — a German game developer originating from the Atari scene.

That's what Nils said about the release:

"Just as the game itself, the creation of the soundtrack came a rather long way since 2006. In fact after years of doing music on Atari computers only, some of the tracks were my first attempts on producing music using a PC. The idea was to create a driving mix of mid-90s techno and chipmusic. With several rounds of rework and new compositions the soundtrack was finally finished in 2013. The songs of Sturmwind Kondensat represent my personal favorites. Enjoy!"

— 505

The album is available on a "name-your-price" basis via 505's Bandcamp.

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Taking a break!http://ubiktune.org/news/2014/taking-a-breakhttp://ubiktune.org/news/2014/taking-a-breakHey guys, just to let you know, we're on slight hiatus. We'll be back soon!

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Weekly Treats 2014: Blitz Lunar — Hexaperplexiahttp://ubiktune.org/news/2014/weekly-treats-2014-blitz-lunar-hexaperplexiahttp://ubiktune.org/news/2014/weekly-treats-2014-blitz-lunar-hexaperplexia

Dave Harris aka Blitz Lunar is one of Ubiktune's oldest artists, whose first appearance was on the Summertunes compilation album back in 2009. Being a prolific NES/Famicom composer, Dave is also a master of audio production overall, and this passion in combination with FM and retro sounds, led him to creation of his debut album Triptunes. "Hexaperplexia" is a track that was supposed to be a part of that album, but was dropped for stylistic reasons.

Download "Hexaperplexia" from Weekly Treats website.

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Saturday Morning RPG Original Soundtrackhttp://ubiktune.org/news/2014/saturday-morning-rpg-original-soundtrackhttp://ubiktune.org/news/2014/saturday-morning-rpg-original-soundtrack

Scarlet Moon Productions just released the Saturday Morning RPG Original Soundtrack, written and produced by Vince DiCola (known for his works on the Rocky 4 and The Transformers: The Movie soundtracks) and Kenny Meriedeth.

The album features 27 tracks, including the full Saturday Morning RPG soundtrack, pieces of music that have been submitted for the game and may be featured in future episodes, an unreleased vocal theme titled "No Risk No Glory," a rock/chip arrangement by Grant "Stemage" Henry and Dmitry "C-jeff" Zhemkov, and an FM synthesis version of the game’s battle theme by Jake "virt" Kaufman.

Digital and limited-print physical copies are available from Bandcamp, while the digital version sold on Loudr will include the bonus single, “Christmas Adventure,” released separately for the Christmas holiday. The album is also available via iTunes and Amazon MP3.

The listening party will take place this Thursday, January 30, on Noise Channel of Arecibo Radio. Join the Facebook event to find out when this is airing in your part of the world, leave your questions to Vince DiCola, Jake Kaufman, Jayson Napolitano, or Kenny Meriedeth.

All the details are available via Scarlet Moon Productions blog.

via Scarlet Moon Productions

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Weekly Treats 2014: Zantilla — Darth Gumbyhttp://ubiktune.org/news/2014/weekly-treats-2014-zantilla-darth-gumbyhttp://ubiktune.org/news/2014/weekly-treats-2014-zantilla-darth-gumby

Fourth week with Weekly Treats and we have a new track from Zantilla.

Zantilla is a new name in Ubiktune family. Using the wide arrays of FM sounds, combined with classic chiptune elements, his début album Encounters blended into a full progressive explosion. However, being a versatile composer, his Weekly Treats track shows another side, jumping into funky and upbeat direction.

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Weekly Treats 2014: Monomer — Boneyard Boogiehttp://ubiktune.org/news/2014/weekly-treats-2014-monomer-boneyars-boogiehttp://ubiktune.org/news/2014/weekly-treats-2014-monomer-boneyars-boogie

Third week with Weekly Treats and we have a fresh upbeat track from Gavin Allen aka Monomer.

Generally, his music represents the aesthetic of 80s electronic and science fiction themes in a chiptune form. These are the areas which Ubiktune began focusing on in the last 2 years, and Monomer brightly performed them in the debut full-length, Quite Operational.

UbiktuneSat, 18 Jan 2014 11:10:15 +0000
Weekly Treats 2014: Yoann Turpin — Smooth Bitshttp://ubiktune.org/news/2014/weekly-treats-2014-yoann-turpin-smooth-bitshttp://ubiktune.org/news/2014/weekly-treats-2014-yoann-turpin-smooth-bits

Week number two with Weekly Treats and we've got a fantastic track from Yoann Turpin! Yoann is a proud part of our family, his amazing skills as a composer and performer perfectly represent the jazzy groovy side of Ubiktune. Stay tuned for his new album in the first quarter of 2014.

Stream or download "Smooth Bits" via weeklytreats.net.

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Follow Ubiktune around the webhttp://ubiktune.org/news/2014/follow-ubiktune-around-the-webhttp://ubiktune.org/news/2014/follow-ubiktune-around-the-web

Hello everyone! 2014 is going to be a really amazing year, and we're trying to boost our audience. A lot of great things are coming! Follow us around the web, spread the word about Ubiktune, recommend to your friends, give us feedback. Thank you for supporting us for all these years, we appreciate it!


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